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The Resurrection[edit]

2 Sense Resurrection started on November 12th, 2006. The new format features Nik Vulper as the new co-host up until 2008 where he was replaced by Jibba. Back up hosts included Spazfox and Majority of the segment hosts have returned with some new segment hosts introduced alongside like Uncle Kage, Sadesuke the Wanderer, Gary Walker, Edsel, and Dari the Emobird. The only changing segment was Garr's Word of the Week which turned into his Travel Stories before lastly being an International Correspondent. Some of the other new segments brought into the show include Furry Baptisms (Called "Faptisms"), and Furry Birthdays. Both of these segments are heavily influenced by the Furry Army of Doom (FAOD) forums.

The shows would run naturally an hour and a half, with occasional brief hiatuses due to 2 being busy.

Another aspect about this new show is the 2 Sense Research Team. This team consists of 10 members of the FAOD: Tyrel_Roo, Sergent Sai, Cassandra Rising, TakaiX, Don Helder Camara, Zyph, Ion Seal, Ark, Sidepocket, and Armonkyi.

The current season of 2 Sense 2.0 has the booming voice of God as the segment introducer, replacing the fast-talking unnamed voice of the past that many fans complained sounded too much like Foamy the Squirrel. Another edition to the show is The Wheel of Hate, a giant Wheel of Fortune like device that picks a random group of people for 2 and his co-host to hate for that entire episode. The wheel was installed after a friend of 2's mentioned how hard it was sometimes to listen to the show because they would harp on one group for weeks on end. The Wheel of Hate is an attempt to balance out the hate, as both 2 and his co-hosts have admitted to hating everyone. In recent episodes, the Furry Baptisms and Birthdays have been set aside for a new segment called "Furry Fifteen Minutes", during which time 2 will phone up another Furry and talk with them for a brief period.

2 Sense 2.0 ended some time ago, and fans seemed to be losing hope that 2 would ever pick up the show again. However, as it happens, 2 and Jibba decided they missed us too much and are starting 2 Sense 2.2 in their new studio.

Fun Facts[edit]

  • To date, there have only been two "live" shows, or shows recorded outside of Gryphon Studios. These shows were recorded at Anthrocon 2007 and Furry Connection North 2008. Jibba Foxcoon was the co-host for the Anthrocon show and the segment hosts remained on stage to help answer letters. Garr was the co-host for the Furry Connection North show and he and Eddy Schaloski helped answer letters.
  • On November 4th, 2008, 2 and Jibba hosted a Video-Broadcast of 2 Sense. Since neither wanted to miss the election results, it was decided that the show would be broadcast "live" over the internet as they watched the news. Plans are in effect to have the show put on DVD and sold to help support improvements to the show for next season.
  • The show for April 1st, 2007 was hosted by 2 and Nik's cousins, 7 and Nigel. 7 and Nigel appear to be the complete opposite of 2 and Nik; both are straight and come from extremely wealthy families and understand very little about how the world outside their estates work. They had so much fun with the show, that they "invented" a curse word and 7 even submitted a segment for the last few episodes of 2007. 7 appears to now have a small fan following of his own.
  • 1 the Mommy Gryphon was first mentioned on 2's DVD "Rolling a One", but was not given the title of "1 the Mommy Gryphon" until much later. In an early episode of 2 Sense, it is mentioned by 2 that a group of people have come over for a little party and that 2 and his co-host were recording the show not only for the audience but to entertain their guests. One of the guests, who approached the two and briefly spoke with them, interrupting the flow of the show, was introduced then as "1 the Mommy Gryphon". She laughed at the introduction, said hello and returned to the party. As she walked away, 2 said "Man, she is going to flip when she realizes how many people actually LISTEN to this show."
  • 2 is a professional stand-up comedian and has dabbled in other profession through out his life, stating "An easier question would be 'What jobs haven't I worked'" when a letter requesting him to list his previous profession was read for a recent "Dear 2" Segment. Nik works IT for a business that has not been named and Jibba, once an TSA employee at the local airport, is now a dance instructor.


  • Spazfox's DVD of the Week -- No longer submitting
    • Furry comedian Spazfox reviews recently released, previously released and "released years ago but just recently found it hiding under my desk" movie DVDs. While Spazfox does discuss the plot of the film, his main goal for this was to highlight the special features, or lack thereof, for the various films. His favorite special feature on any DVD is Commentary, followed closely by a film being in wide-screen as opposed to fullscreen. Side characters who would occasionally pop in to help include his Stage Manager and Steve the Dalek.
  • Garr's Segment -- No longer submitting
    • Smooth talking Garr would wax zen about the ancient philosophies, the furry fandom, his travels abroad, politics and what ever else moved his soul in this segment. His second to last submission, however, featured a rather on-edge, enraged Garr vent his pent up frustrations after having gone through the United States Immigration Services to obtain permission to move to the US and in his last segment, he explained his reason for moving to the State.
  • Uncle Kage's News from the Future -- No longer submitting
    • A parody segment in which fictional news is reported from roughly 50 years in the future, often referring to current events or things that 2, Spazfox, and Uncle Kage himself have recently mentioned in their own stand-up performances.
  • Nik's Haiku Poetry Time -- No longer submitting
    • The reading of a quick haiku written by Nik about something that had happened to him during the past week, often followed by an explanation or backstory as to why the haiku was written.
  • Edsel's Horoscopes -- No longer Submitting
    • This isn't your typical horoscope reading, as Edsel has the natural ability to find all the hidden horrors the stars have in store for the 2 Sense listeners. He has the habit of tripping on Magic 8 Ball fluid and in his arsenal of new-age trinkets he has a crystal ball that plays 80s soft-rock and a haunted Ouija board that summons Satan when annoyed. A recent dulling of his powers and a $900 bill from Ms. Cleo, has put Edsel's Horoscopes on hiatus, however.
  • Over the Pond with Gary Walker -- No longer submitting
    • The youngest segment host to-date, Gary Walker is a young boy in London, England who reads and makes fun of his local news. Baptized into the Furry Fandom as a duck, Gary has recently asked his listeners to submit questions for him to answer in his segments.
  • Dari the Emobird's Segment -- No longer submitting
    • What is it like to be emo? Well, just ask Dari the Emobird, it's in his blood to be emo and he's not afraid to show it off. Dari occasionally answered letters from fans about his way of life but mostly he would tell about his life as an emobird.
  • Counter-Point with Satosuke -- No longer submitting
    • Satosuke takes a Libertarian view point on many hot-topics in the world of politics and often spends his segments pointing out the flaws in both right and left winged reasoning behind such subjects as abortion, gun control, drugs and gay marriage. While he and 2 do share similar views on some subject, the segment was originally aired because the two do disagree on several subjects and it was felt that a balance was needed. This, however, prompted many listeners to believe Satosuke was right-winged, which he is not.
  • Point T. Weasel's Segment -- Current
    • Point T. Weasel, a member of the Pawpet Players, has been posting his own rants on news events on the web for some time. After opening for 2 at Anthrocon 2007, Point started sending copies of his latest complaints to 2 to be played on the show. These musings often have ground music and sound-effects playing in the background to help drive the point home to the listener.
  • Current News with Eddy Schaloski -- No longer submitting
    • Uncle Kage's co-worker from the News from the Future segment, mentioned a few times in previous segments then allowed to do his own segment in the April Fools episode, pops in from time to time to report on the "follies and the foyables" the current political candidates are running into while campaigning.
  • Holy Jesus! -- No longer submitting
    • Pastor William Rebar, a good Christian American, appears to have hijacked Spazfox's time slot in an attempt to present a more wholesome segment. He is, however, very backwards in many of his believes and easily flustered. This segment consists of two parts; the first being a sermon of sorts about unwholesome things he has seen in the news and the second part being the reading and answering of a letter about the Christian faith.
  • Accidental Help-line -- Current
    • Based on 2's "accidental toast" skit from his "The Truth" performance, Jibba and 2 play the roles of a man in need of help after doing something accidentally and the operator/help desk associate who answers the phone call.
  • Edsel's Weekly Address -- No longer submitting
    • Having received no help from Ms. Cleo to get his star-reading skills back, Edsel was inspired by the 4th of July to run for president of the USA and is now addressing the nation weekly on 2 Sense. His campaign slogan appears to be "America's Paws will be Making Rainbows in November 2008"
  • Sagely Advice -- Current
    • Stoic Wolf offers some very good advice for making life "just a little more interesting". This segment is a list of things Stoic Wolf appears to have learned over the years and, at times, do not always have anything to do with each other.
  • Weekly Faptisms/Baptisms -- Hiatus
    • Listeners who wished to be inducted in the Furry fandom would send in their name, age and list of likes and dislikes from which 2 would determine their new Furry name and what animal they would be. Due to the large number of young adults wishing to enter the fandom, 2 and Nik adjusted how the baptisms were done and eventually created the "Box of Stuff", which contained random sound effects used to blast, crush, burn, bit and fry a person into the fandom.
  • Weekly Furry Birthdays -- No longer submitting
    • A quick reading of listener birthdays and what they plan to do with their new year. A problem quickly presented itself with this, as the list would become so long during the breaks that 2 would have to skip the second part and just read off names and ages. This segment, 2 later mentioned, was also a bit unfair for those listeners who had birthday during the off season.
  • Furry Fifteen Minutes -- Current
    • For this segment, 2 and his co-host call up a listener to the show and ask him or her various questions about themselves. A recent letter from a non-furry listener, complaining how the "Furry Fifteen Minutes" was unfair to the non-furry listeners, prompted 2 to remind everyone that the title of the segment was not meant to exclude listeners from submitting interview requests. Though called the "Fifteen Minutes" segment, the interviews do not last that long.

Current Running Gags/References[edit]

  • Schleigelhoffen
    • Started in the first incarnation of the show, this was the word 2 would use to replace names of people, cities, and organizations he was having a hard time pronouncing. The word comes from one of the first episodes, from an article about a man with a Germanic last name neither 2 or the co-host could believe actually existed. The word quickly became a favorite on the show.
  • Gears
    • A reference to a news article released early 2007 from Africa about a bear-trap-like anti-rape device that had recently gotten approval for production.
  • The Rants
    • At times, 2 will drop in a line from one of his many rants, often prompting a "Huh?" response from his co-host. 2 has mentioned several times in past episodes that while his friends know of the rants, they do not listen to them.
  • Dragon's Milk
    • A local Michigan beverage that is a favorite of Nik.
  • Dragon Meat Sausage
    • Originating from a news report of a Welsh company (named "Dragon") being sued for false advertising as they sold "Dragon Meat Sausages." When said on the show it is usually said by both 2 and the co-host in a slow and patronizing voice.
  • Owwww

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