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The 2 Sense Show
Host(s) 2 the Ranting Gryphon, Various
Website http://www.ranting-gryphon.com/2sense.htm
Update schedule Saturday 10PM Eastern, 7PM Pacific
RSS FBC Podcast 26
Launch date 2 Sense 1.0: May 13, 2003 - December 31, 2004
2 Sense 2.0: December 31, 2004 - July 1, 2005. Resurrection: November 12, 2006 - November 27, 2008 (Hiatus afterwards).
2 Sense 2.2: June 4, 2010
End Date March 31st, 2012
Genre Talk
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2 Sense is an internet radio show hosted by 2 the Ranting Gryphon, which was broadcasted on the Rant Radio web station, but has been back to pre-recorded shows both audio and video. It has ran for about five seasons and made up to 165 episodes total. The show revolved around the week's news, 2's politics, and the furry fandom. The broadcasts were originally between an hour in length and a little under, but increased to an hour and 50 minutes and streamed live at around 1am Saturday mornings; they were rebroadcasted later in the week (and available for download on 2's website).

During episode #85, 2 announced that the show was coming to a close, feeling that the show was becoming a little predictable and that he barely had any personal time to himself. 2 planned to return to his recorded rants and do some music projects along the side. The first run of 2 Sense ended on July 1st, 2005.

After about a year and three months, 2 Sense returned on November 12th, 2006 for 33 episodes before taking a break and returning yet again on March 5th, 2008. It would run for 18 episodes that year before ending the season, the thanksgiving episode being last aired that year. The show would go on a one year hiatus due to 2 moving his studio all the way over to California from Michigan. On June, 4th, 2010, the show would make it's triumphant return, running up until February 19th, 2011 before again another hiatus. A new episode hasn't been aired since March 31st, 2012.

After 139 episodes, the show had finally achieved video format, being streamed on UStream. Although, pre-recorded audio formats were optionally available to download on the 2 Sense archive.

The show's current status is still on hiatus due to 2 being incredibly busy with other things. However, he has expressed interest to once again bring back the show, though it is currently unknown when.


Core Segments (These are segments that are the main parts of the show before, between or after other segments.)

  • World News - Stories from around the world, reported by 2 and co-host who share opinions after stories. [Status: On Hold]
  • Gore News - A collection of headlines and articles featuring odd, unusual or generally ignorant ways people have died, gotten mangled, or sometimes miraculously survived injury in the previous week. (Debuted on Show #68) [Status: On Hold]
  • Dear 2 Letters - Letters written into the show by listeners for 2 to read and respond to on about a varied array of subjects, questions and opinions. 2 has claimed that this segment is his favorite part of the show. [Status: On Hold]

The show contained a number of segments which changed over time before settling with a format. These segments are introduced during various periods of the show:

(1.1/2.0) [Episodes: #1 - #88]

  • Furry News - Stories related to anything furry are reported by a co-host during this segment, taking place shortly after World News. [Status:Retired]
  • Feedback - Comments on the previous show and its contents by listeners. [Status:Became Dear 2 Letters]
  • News From the Future - A parody segment in which fictional news is reported from roughly 50 years in the future, often referring to current events or things that 2, Spazfox, and Uncle Kage himself have recently mentioned in their own stand-up performances. [Status:Retired]
  • Spazfox's DVD of the Week - A comedic review written and performed by Spazfox. [Status:Replaced with Spaz Plays Nintendo] (Debuted on Show #49)
  • Garr's Word Of The Week - One word of particular interest presented each week by the sultry voice of Garr, in which 2 and his co-host were challenged to use during the rest of the show. This segment was eventually replaced by Garr's Travel Stories. [Status:Retired]
  • Weekly Trippy Goo - The weekly trippy goo segment was a 3 minute long segment by Maligno in which he said whatever came to mind, usually an outlandish theoretical dilemma that he would ponder over and eventually develop an even stranger yet oddly logical solution to. It ended when Maligno was committed to a mental hospital. After Maligno was released from the mental hospital, he had made one more segment for the show. But since then, nothing came of it. [Status: Retired]
  • Dumb Laws - 2 reads out all of the Dumb Laws from each state in USA. 2 suggested the idea of reading laws from other countries, but abandoned the idea. [Status:Done]
  • Furry Fifteen Minutes - In the early shows, 2 would randomly pick a fur from the IRC channel and interview him/her then read it on the show. Then this evolved into the idea of calling random furs to interview on the air. This was to give someone their "15 Minutes" to be known by those who were listening, although sometimes the interviews are actually much shorter. It was temporarily dropped in the early seasons before being picked back up again much later in the later seasons before being dropped again. [Status:Retired]
  • Skippy's List - On one episode, 2 stumbled upon a list called "213 things Skippy is no longer allowed to do in the U.S. Army". 2 would read 5 things off the list weekly, dedicated to the listeners who are in the Army. [Status: Retired]
  • Pengi Penny - A mini-segment where Aubrin tells small stories about his experiences within his life. [Status:Retired]
  • Match Game - A mini-segment in which 2 would ask a question to the IRC channel, when 2 Sense was with Rant Radio, to fill in the blank where the answer would be. This is similar to the TV game show from the 60s of the same name. [Status:Retired]
  • Assignments - For a while, 2 would assign his listeners to write in answers to random questions. These questions include "What country would you like to have been the 51st state?" or "Which world leader was sexy?" [Status:Retired]
  • Holy Jesus! - Pastor William Rebar, a good Christian American, was permitted by "2 Gryphus" to host a more wholesome segment to the show. Taking over the timeslot where Spazfox's DVD of the Week segment would normally be. Rebar's segment is split in two parts, one of which he talks on about the faith of his religion and the other where he takes in written letters to answer questions regarding Christianity. [Status:Retired]
  • This Week in History - During the early episodes, the co-host or 2 himself would go through a string of events from the past that happened during the week. [Status:Retired]
  • Con Dates - The co-host would report cons going on later in the year or a week from now. From other furry conventions to various other conventions. [Status:Retired]

(Resurrection) [Episodes: #89 - #139]

  • Furry Baptisms - A segment where 2 and the co-host baptize a handful of people into new furs and welcoming them into the Furry Fandom. [Status:Retired]
  • Nik's Haiku Poetry Time - The reading of a quick haiku written by Nik about something that had happened to him during the past week, often followed by an explanation or backstory as to why the haiku was written. [Status:Retired]
  • Edsel's Horoscopes - This isn't your typical horoscope reading, as Edsel has the natural ability to find all the hidden horrors the stars have in store for the 2 Sense listeners. He has the habit of tripping on Magic 8 Ball fluid and in his arsenal of new-age trinkets he has a crystal ball that plays 80s soft-rock and a haunted Ouija board that summons Satan when annoyed. [Status: Retired]
  • Over the Pond with Gary Walker - The youngest segment host to-date, Gary Walker is a young boy in London, England who reads and makes fun of his local news. Baptized into the Furry Fandom as a duck, Gary has recently asked his listeners to submit questions for him to answer in his segments. [Status:Retired]
  • Dari the Emobird's Segment - What is it like to be emo? Well, just ask Dari the Emobird, it's in his blood to be emo and he's not afraid to show it off. Dari occasionally answered letters from fans about his way of life but mostly he would tell about his life as an emobird. [Status:Retired]
  • Counter-Point with Satosuke - Satosuke takes a Libertarian view point on many hot-topics in the world of politics and often spends his segments pointing out the flaws in both right and left winged reasoning behind such subjects as abortion, gun control, drugs and gay marriage. While he and 2 do share similar views on some subject, the segment was originally aired because the two do disagree on several subjects and it was felt that a balance was needed. This, however, prompted many listeners to believe Satosuke was right-winged, which he is not. [Statis:Retired]
  • Point T. Weasel's Segment - Point T. Weasel, a member of the Pawpet Players, has been posting his own rants on news events on the web for some time. After opening for 2 at Anthrocon 2007, Point started sending copies of his latest complaints to 2 to be played on the show. These musings often have ground music and sound-effects playing in the background to help drive the point home to the listener. [Status:Retired]
  • Current News with Eddy Schaloski - Uncle Kage's co-worker from the News from the Future segment, mentioned a few times in previous segments then allowed to do his own segment in the April Fools episode, pops in from time to time to report on the "follies and the foyables" the current political candidates are running into while campaigning. [Status: Retired]
  • Accidental Help-line - Based on 2's "accidental toast" skit from his "The Truth" performance, Jibba and 2 play the roles of a man in need of help after doing something accidentally and the operator/help desk associate who answers the phone call. [Status:Retired]
  • Edsel's Weekly Address - Having received no help from Ms. Cleo to get his star-reading skills back, Edsel was inspired by the 4th of July to run for president of the USA and is now addressing the nation weekly on 2 Sense. His campaign slogan appears to be "America's Paws will be Making Rainbows in November 2008" [Status:Retired]
  • Sagely Advice - Stoic Wolf offers some very good advice for making life "just a little more interesting". This segment is a list of things Stoic Wolf appears to have learned over the years and, at times, do not always have anything to do with each other. [Status:Retired]
  • Weekly Furry Birthdays - A quick reading of listener birthdays and what they plan to do with their new year. A problem quickly presented itself with this, as the list would become so long during the breaks that 2 would have to skip the second part and just read off names and ages. This segment, 2 later mentioned, was also a bit unfair for those listeners who had birthday during the off season. [Status:Retired]

(2.2) [Episodes: #140 - #165 Currently]

  • Witchiebunny's Top Frags - A compilation of video game kills, either found online or submitted to Witchiebunny with humorous commentary.
  • Spazfox plays Nintendo - Spazfox reviewing old Nintendo Entertainment System games, in an attempt to decide whether to keep or delete them.
  • Jimbob Billybob and The Truth - A parody of a United States redneck southern bigot, and his commentary on news in the United States. Written and performed by SliceOfDog
  • King Gourd's Fursuit Tips - A satire of Fursuiting tips as given by King Gourd.
  • Unusual Holidays - Toast The Rabbit reads out a list of unusually named or themed holidays coming up in the next week.


There were many co-hosts of and contributors to 2 Sense:

Jakebe (David)[edit]

Jakebe Sunraven, often jokingly referred to as "J-bird", is an artist and comedian in the furry fandom from Baltimore, USA. Being a submissive, macrophillic, black, gay fur he brought some of the most original points of view imaginable to 2 Sense. He was the first and second-longest running co-host of 2 Sense. His last show was episode 37, although he has came back from time to time when available. He is an active member of the furry fandom and frequents several furry conventions. His avatar was previously a raven, however, later it was changed to a bunny in spite of 2's relentless mockery.

Jakebe is now working on artwork related to the furry fandom and has been largely involved with the furry comic Boomer Express.

Episodes Co-Hosted (#1 - #33, #35 - #37, #41, #47, #58, #83, #88) (41 Shows)

Aubrin (The Pengi)[edit]

Aubrin was the co-host who became the standard co-host after Jakebe left. He co-hosted about 30 shows in total, just short of the amount Jakebe co-hosted and is the third most frequently used of all the co-hosts. However, he co-hosted more of the two hour live shows whereas Jakebe co-hosted more of the original one hour shows. He uses a penguin as his avatar in the fandom and thus gained the nickname 'The Pengi' during his time on the show. A common gag during his stint on the show was for 2 to poke him in order to make him squeal or some other attempt to make him sad, claiming that it made Aubrin cuter that way. He also had a mini-segment called "Pengi Penny".

Aubrin is a well respected and well known artist in the furry fandom. A good deal of his art can be found at his personal website along with his live journal.

Episodes Co-Hosted (#39, #42, #43, #45, #46, #48, #49, #51, #53, #54, #56 - #62, #64, #65, #68 - #75, #77 - #81, #84 - #86, #88) (31 Shows)


Prismo was a guest co-host who appeared on about 5-7 shows. He was the only co-host used on 2 Sense who was heterosexual, thus bringing a very different perspective to the show. He uses a koala as his avatar. He has been involved with improvisational comedy for Megaplex and Anthrocon, with 2 as a player.

Episodes Co-Hosted (#38, #44, #50, #63, #66, #76, #88) (7 Shows)


Dax was a seldom used co-host but one who found co-hosting 2 Sense came very naturally. He co-hosted only 3 shows including the final show of 2 Sense. His fursona is a hippogriff.

Episodes Co-Hosted (#52, #55, #82, #88) (4 Shows)


Riku co-hosted only once when Jakebe was unavailable; however, he became well liked by the listeners. Riku uses a cabbit as his avatar and was teased on the show for it, possibly strengthening the running "bunny" joke on the show. At 19 years old, Riku was the youngest person ever to co-host on 2 Sense.

Episodes Co-Hosted (#34)


Adric was a one-off co-host for the show. He was a little too quiet during the show he co-hosted and a little hesitant to give his opinion. Adric uses the avatar of a rat in the furry fandom. He has been mentioned on many occasions on 2 Sense for being able to turn gay men straight by sucking all the gayness from the surrounding area by playing Dance Dance Revolution (DDR) to the song It's Raining Men

Adric is a fellow stand up comedian, who has opened for 2 in the past, is currently putting his comedy on hiatus to practice his writing skills, namely, his first novel.

Episodes Co-Hosted (#40)


Spazfox sent in the longest running segment that was not done by either 2 or a co-host during the run of 2 Sense. Spazfox was the creator of the 'Spazfox's DVD of the Week' segment, in which he reviewed DVDs in a very unique manner. Spazfox is somewhat curious as to why the great Uncle Kage's segment, News From the Future, has not been written about, as it's the one segment on 2 Sense he finds more entertaining than his own. He enjoys editing Wiki articles about himself because it "gives him a laugh."

Spazfox was also a co-host of 2 Sense for two shows.

Episodes Co-Hosted (#87 and #137)

Nik Vulper[edit]

Nik is a Tigerfox who co-hosted one whole season of 2 Sense and had a segment of his own called "Nik's Haiku Poetry Time". He was mostly around in the Resurrection period of the show. Although he was set to return in the next season in 2008, he didn't appear. It was minimally detailed by 2 in a episode that he and 2 had a falling out after listeners had been in concern about Nik's whereabouts.

Episodes Co-Hosted (#89 - #103, #105, #107, #109, #110, #113, #115, #117, #120, #121) (24 Shows)


Julie was a one-off co-host for 2 Sense during it's Resurrection period. She was incredibly shy, according to 2, prior to doing her episode with him. Being hesitant to bring her opinion, until the show started did she bloom to life. 2 had joked while explaining what it was like co-hosting with her that the "gears" had kicked on after having to be revved a few times. She was brought on to the show to give a female's point of view on matters, adding a little more flavor. She was speculated to re-appear again, however, because at the time she had to move she couldn't come back to co-host again.

Episodes Co-Hosted (#119)

Jibba Foxcoon[edit]

Jibba is a foxcoon hybrid co-host who appears during the Resurrection period of 2 Sense. Originally he was an audience member of the show, but was a fill-in substitute whenever Nik was absent. Jibba ended up being the primary co-host during the 2008 season. He came back as the co-host for 2 Sense 2.2 when the show had finally went video streaming. He also partook with 2 in the Accidental-Helpline segment. The Gore News is one of the few segments that was always guaranteed to break Jibba in fits of laughter, much to 2's amusement.

Jibba is currently the longest-running co-host of 2 Sense, passing Jakebe.

Episodes Co-Hosted (#104, #108, #111, #112, #114, #116, #118, #121, #122 - #136, #138 - #164) (50 Shows)



Garr is a British fur who once sent in an audio letter which happened to make 2 go weak at the knees, after which he immediately demanded that Garr perform a segment on the show. Garr's voice is accepted amongst the 2 Sense listeners as being so sexy it will even turn a straight man on (and many have sent in letters to the show confirming this). Garr started with the "Word Of The Week" segment but then changed his segment to "Garr's Travels" where he discussed his various strange-yet-true adventures in globetrotting during his many failed attempts to go to Anthrocon.

Garr also read the popular poem The Raven as a segment, but at over 10 minutes, it was too long to include on the show.

When 2 Sense originally ended it's first run, Garr co-hosted the radio show VLF on the FBC with fellow British fur Sphelx.


Maligno is a 15 year old who sent in the Weekly Trippy Goo segment. His segment however, was a unique outlook on the world and many viewed it as quite strange (but in a good way). However, no one is quite sure exactly how he comes up with his segments, as Malingno was described on the show as a fairly intelligent and stable fur who did not do drugs, despite most speculation given by the 2 Sense crew and listeners upon listening to his first segment.

On one episode, 2 had reported that Maligno was committed to a mental hospital by his parents after receiving an e-mail from him at last minute and contact would not have been possible. Maligno reappeared briefly on February 4, 2005, suggesting that he has been released for one more segment.

Maligno is the second youngest person to ever appear as a segment host on 2 Sense.

Gary Walker[edit]

Gary Walker is the host of the segment "Over the pond" on 2 Sense. In this segment he reports the British news in a very comical way. He is fourteen, which makes him the youngest person ever involved with 2 Sense. Gary Walker lives in the North-East of England, but during his segment adopts a strong, stereotypical South London accent (most UK residents would disagree with this and say it sounds northern to us). He also is an avid comic book fan and collects Avengers comics. His favourite band is the Queens Of the Stone Age.


Timothy Albee[edit]

Timothy was brought on to the show twice for interviews on 2 Sense. He is the creator of the independent computer-animated movie, Kaze Ghost Warrior. He appears in shows #59 and #60.

2's Mother[edit]

2's mother appeared a few times on 2 Sense, as a guest. Members in the chat frequently referred to her affectionately as "1", or the Mommy Griffin. 2 claims he is unable to swear whenever his mother is present, under the threat of getting slapped. This has been proven in Episode #132 in which 2 interviewed 1 the Mommy Gryphon and dug himself a hole so deep even apologizing couldn't get him out of it.

Jessie T. Wolf[edit]

Jessie T. Wolf is a fur artist from Toronto Canada, who appeared on two of the shows as a guest and did a commissioned picture for 2 Gryphon, as well as giving one away as a prize on one of the shows. She is very tiny and cute according to 2 Gryphon. She appears in episode #37 and #63.

Rant Radio[edit]

2 Sense was rebroadcasted on Rant Radio for approximately the last 40 episodes. It became one of the most popular shows on Rant Radio becoming so popular that the show required its own separate IRC room as the number of listeners tuning in solely for 2 Sense outstripped that of any show previously played on Rant Radio. This actually caused bandwidth issues during the first few shows when unprecedented numbers of listeners flocked to Rant Radio during the first few live episodes.

Running Gags/References[edit]

  • It's a Real Show now!

About almost every 2 Sense episode, 2 would belch and follow up by saying "It's a real show now!", implying some form of kicking the show off. It's currently unknown how it truly came to be, but it's safely assumed that because 2 burps a lot during the show, it was commonplace.

  • Witchychicky

During Show #2, in one written letter 2 had read, somebody had asked for advice on how to deal with someone by the name of "witchychicky" who was a troublesome user on Neopets. Who appeared in their "Hall of Shame" for those who were desperate role-players. This user swore up and down that she had claimed copyright on her name and would threaten lawsuit over it's misuse. 2 continually used the name and declared it as euphemism for stupid. The user has actually written into 2 Sense once on Show #7, complaining about the previous writer and demanding that 2 stop using her name, for she again claimed copyright on. 2 responded, making fun of her inept capability to spell and claimed that you could not merge two made-up words together and claim copyright on them. The name was continually used then afterwards whenever 2 read an article and needed a word to describe it, for example "That's some witchychicky shit!".

The name appears on the site, UrbanDictionary. witchychicky

  • Schleigelhoffen

Started in the first incarnation of the show, this was the word 2 would use to replace names of people, cities, and organizations he was having a hard time pronouncing. The word comes from one of the first episodes, from an article about a man with a Germanic last name neither 2 or the co-host could believe actually existed. The word quickly became a favorite on the show.

  • Gears

A reference to a news article released early 2007 from Africa about a female condom that had small hooks inside it. It was meant to stop men from raping so many women, because the hooks would latch on the mans member and cause a lot of pain (The hooks were so powerful it could only be removed by a skilled doctor). The gears was a derived concept of this, meaning fast spinning gears (and even teeth) in a woman's vagina, that would maul a penis. On a recent show with Agent Elrond (show cover artist) as a guest, she managed to break (made them laugh so hard they couldn't continue for several minutes) both 2 and Jibba by producing a gear for them, thus proving their theories.

  • The Rants

At times, 2 will drop in a line from one of his many rants, often prompting a "Huh?" response from his co-host. 2 has mentioned several times in past episodes that while his friends know of the rants they do not listen to them.

  • Dragon's Milk

A local Michigan beverage that is a favorite of Nik.

  • Dragon Meat Sausage

Originating from a news report of a Welsh company (named "Dragon") being sued for false advertising - as they sold "Dragon Meat Sausages." When said on the show it is usually said by both 2 and the co-host in a slow and patronizing voice.


A friend of 2 and Jibba once said the word "OW" in such a gay manner, that it left them laughing for days. It returned on the show, being occasionally said. 2 described OW as "having a stick shoved so far up your ass, that you gag."

  • Bees

Originally started after reading an article about a truck containing beehives that tipped over during travel. The hives broke open and a wall of bees surrounded the road, causing mayhem. 2 and co-host at the time, Aubrin, both yelled "BEEEEEES!!!" after reading the article, and the furs on the chat channel quickly took this idea over. Every time 2 would read a story that referred to bees, the chatbox would erupt in people screaming "BEES!!". It was first reported on Show #46 (June 20th, 2004)

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