2016 Ursa Major Awards

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The 2016 Ursa Major Awards winners were announced during a ceremony at Anthrocon 2017.[1] There were 1446 voters, an approximately 25% increase from the 2015 awards.[2]

List of winners and nominees by category[edit]

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Best Anthropomorphic Motion Picture[edit]

Best Anthropomorphic Dramatic Work or Short Series[edit]

  • Winner: My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic, season 6 episodes 1-143, directed by James Thiessen, Jim Miller, Tim Stuby, and Denny Lu.
  • Runners up:
    • The Lion Guard, season 1 episodes 1-22, directed by Howy Parkins.
    • Bunnicula, season 1 episodes 1-8, directed by Jessica Borutski, Maxwell Atoms, Robert F. Hughes, Matthew Whitlock, and Ian Wasseluk.
    • Littlest Pet Shop, season 4 episodes 10-26, directed by Joel Dickie, Steven Garcia & Mike Myhre.
    • Petals, directed by Andrea Gallo and Alvaro Dominguez.

Best Anthropomorphic Novel[edit]

Best Anthropomorphic Short Fiction[edit]

Best Anthropomorphic Other Literary Work[edit]

Best Anthropomorphic Non-Fiction Work[edit]

Best Anthropomorphic Graphic Story[edit]

Best Anthropomorphic Comic Strip[edit]

Best Anthropomorphic Magazine[edit]

Best Anthropomorphic Published Illustration[edit]

Best Anthropomorphic Game[edit]

Best Anthropomorphic Website[edit]


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