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The 2013 Ursa Major Awards were presented on at a ceremony on May 31, 2014,[1] at the Califur 10 convention. It was the 14th iteration of the awards ceremony since its initial presentation in 2000, and the third iteration to be presented at Califur (two previous iterations took place at Califur 3 and Califur 8), and the sixth to be awarded in the state of California since Confurence 12).

Nominations for the 2013 awards were opened from 17 January[2] to 28 February, 2014[3]. Voting opened on 15 March 2014 and closed on 30 April[4]. There were 856 voters.[5], 257 less voters than in 2012 awards (a 23% drop).

List of nominated and awarded works[edit]

See also: List of Ursa Major Awards winners#2013

Winners are highlighted in bold italics[6]

Best Anthropomorphic Motion Picture[edit]

Live-action or animated feature-length movies.
  • winner: Frozen (directed by Chris Buck and Jennifer Lee, November 27)

Also nominated were:

  • The Croods (directed by Chris Sanders and Kirk DeMicco, February 15)
  • Despicable Me 2 (directed by Pierre Coffin and Chris Renaud, July 3)
  • The Hobbit: The Desolation of Smaug (directed by Peter Jackson, December 13)
  • Monsters University (directed by Dan Scanlon, June 21)
  • My Little Pony: Equestria Girls (directed by Jayson Thiessen, June 16)

Best Anthropomorphic Dramatic Short or Series[edit]

TV series or one-shots, advertisements or short videos.

winner: My Little Pony: Friendship Is Magic (directed by James Thiessen & James Wooton; Season 3, episode 10 to Season 4, episode 7)

Also nominated were:

  • Adventure Time (created by Pendleton Ward and produced by Larry Lechliter, Adam Muto, Nate Cash, David OReilly [a.k.a. O’Reilly], and Elizabeth Ito for Cartoon Network, Season 5 episodes 6 to 43)
  • Bee and PuppyCat (directed by Natasha Allegri; episodes 1 and 2)
  • Bravest Warriors (directed by Breehan Burns; Season 1, episode 7 to Season 2, episode 5)
  • What Does the Fox Say? (original) (directed by Ylvis; September 3)

Best Anthropomorphic Novel[edit]

Written works of 40,000 words or more. Serialized novels qualify only for the year that the final chapter is published.
  • winner: Skyfire, by Jess E. Owen (Five Elements Press, December 26)

Also nominated were:

  • The Cat’s Eye Pub, by James R. Jordan (CreateSpace, June 4)
  • Corr Syl the Warrior, by Garry Rogers (CreateSpace, May 22)
  • Otters in Space II: Jupiter, Deadly, by Mary E. Lowd (FurPlanet Productions, July 4)
  • The Thin Line, by E. O. Costello (FurAffinity, September 18)

Best Anthropomorphic Short Fiction[edit]

Stories less than 40,000 words, poetry and other short written works.
  • winner: The Monkeytown Raid, by Roz Gibson (in What Happens Next, edited by Fred Patten; FurPlanet Publications, July 4)

Also nominated were:

  • Fox in the Hen House, by Mary E. Lowd (in Dancing in the Moonlight: Rainfurrest 2013 Charity Anthology, edited by Rainfurrest; FurPlanet Productions, September 26)
  • In a Cat’s Eyes, by Mary E. Lowd (in Dancing in the Moonlight: Rainfurrest 2013 Charity Anthology, edited by Rainfurrest; FurPlanet Productions, September 26)
  • Indigo Rain, by Watts Martin (FurPlanet Publications, January 17)

Best Anthropomorphic Other Literary Work[edit]

Story collections, comic collections, graphic novels, non-fiction works, and convention program books.
  • winner: Slightly Damned, Book 2, by Sarah “Chu” Wilson (comic strip collection, self-published, May 1)

Also nominated were:

  • Digger: The Complete Omnibus Edition, by Ursula Vernon (comic strip collection, Sofawolf Press, November 15)
  • Dogs of War, by Shiela Keenan (story) & Nathan Fox (art) (illustrated comic book novel, Scholastic/Graphix, October 29)
  • Housepets! Are Gonna Sniff Everybody (Housepets! Book 4), by Rick Griffin (comic strip collection, CreateSpace, July 25)
  • My Little Pony Annual 2013, by various (comic book annual, IDW Publishing, October 30)
  • The Werewolf Calendar 2013, by various (calendar, The Werewolf Calendar, January 17)

Best Anthropomorphic Graphic Story[edit]

Includes comic books and serialized online stories.
  • winner: Slightly Damned, by Sarah “Chu” Wilson (Internet, January 2 to December 21)

Also nominated were:

Best Anthropomorphic Comic Strip[edit]

For newspaper-style strips, including those with ongoing arcs.
  • winner: Housepets!, by Rick Griffin (Internet, January 2 to December 30)

Also nominated were:

  • Doc Rat, by Jenner (Internet, January 1 to December 31)
  • Freefall, by Mark Stanley (Internet, January 2 to December 30)
  • Sequential Art, by Phillip M. Jackson (Internet, #820 to #867)
  • The Three Jaguars, by M. C. A. Hogarth (Internet, January 1 to November 25)

Best Anthropomorphic Magazine[edit]

Edited collections of creative and/or informational works by various people, professional or amateur, published in print or online in written, pictorial or audio-visual form.
  • winner: Flayrah, edited by Laurence “GreenReaper” Parry (Internet magazine; January 1 to December 31)

Also nominated were:

  • ActFur On Air (Internet podcast; Season 5, episode 1 (June 9) to Season 5, episode 6 (December 9))
  • Claw & Quill, edited by Watts Martin (Internet magazine; #1, October 29)
  • Fur What It’s Worth (Internet podcast; Season 2, episode 19 (January 6) to Season 3, episode 13 (December 14))
  • Fursday, edited by Stuart Otterson (Internet magazine; October 3 to December 31)
  • In-Fur-Nation, edited by Rod O’Riley (Internet magazine; January 2 to December 31)

Best Anthropomorphic Published Illustration[edit]

Illustrations for books, magazines, convention program books, cover art for such, coffee table portfolios.
  • winner: Blotch, cover of Divisions, by Kyell Gold (Sofawolf Press, January 17)

Also nominated were:

  • A Blue Deer, cover of The Cat’s Eye Pub, by James R. Jordan (CreateSpace, June 4)
  • Dark Natasha, painting, Matthias, Ready for Battle (The Metamor Keep website, February 3)
  • Dolphyn (Justin Swatsworth), illustration (Street Rave) in Anthrocon 2013 conbook, page 19
  • RedCoatCat, cover of Furnal Equinox 2013 conbook

Best Anthropomorphic Game[edit]

Computer or console games, role-playing games, board games.
  • winner: Pokémon X and Pokémon Y (developer: Game Freak; publisher: Nintendo and The Pokémon Company; October 12)

Also nominated were:

  • Animal Crossing: New Leaf (developer and publisher: Nintendo; June 9)
  • DuckTales: Remastered (developer: Way Forward Technologies; publisher: Capcom; August 13)
  • Dust: An Elysian Tail (developer: Humble Hearts, Dean Dodrill; publisher: Microsoft Studios; May 24)
  • Sly Cooper: Thieves in Time (developer: Sanzaru Games; publisher: Sony Computer Entertainment; February 5)
  • The Wolf Among Us (developer and publisher: Telltale Games; December 24)

Best Anthropomorphic Website[edit]

Online collections of art, stories, and other creative and/or informational works; galleries, story archives, directories, blogs, and personal sites.
  • winner: Fur Affinity (furry art site; January 1 to December 31)

Also nominated were:

  • [adjective][species] (furry fandom commentary site; January 2 to December 26)
  • Equestria Daily (My Little Pony site; January 1 to December 31)
  • Inkbunny (furry art site; January 1 to December 31)
  • WikiFur (general furry information/history; January 1 to December 31)


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