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The 2012 Ursa Major Awards was an awards ceremony recognizing anthropomorphic works and media from 2012 as voted by internet users. It was the 13th iteration of the Ursa Major Awards since its establishment in 2000.

Nominations opened January 17, 2013[1] and closed on February 28. Voting opened March 15 and closed May 15.[2]. The winners were announced at Anthrocon 2013 on July 5 in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. There were 1113 voters.[3]


Winners are highlighted in bold italics

Best Anthropomorphic Motion Picture[edit]

Live-action or animated feature-length movies.
  • winner: Brave, produced by Pixar.

Also nominated were:

Best Anthropomorphic Dramatic Short Work or Series[edit]

TV series or one-shots, advertisements or short videos.

Also nominated were:

Best Anthropomorphic Novel[edit]

Also nominated were:

Best Anthropomorphic Short Fiction[edit]

Also nominated were:

Best Anthropomorphic Other Literary Work[edit]

  • winner: Slightly Damned, Book One by Sarah "Chu" Wilson.

Also nominated were:

  • Housepets! Can Be Real Ladykillers (Book 3), by Rick Griffin.
  • The Werewolf Calendar, 2012, multiple artists.
  • The Ursa Major Awards Anthology, edited by Fred Patten.
  • The Streets of His City & Other Stories, by Alflor Aalto.

Best Anthropomorphic Graphic Story[edit]

Also nominated were:

Best Anthropomorphic Comic Strip[edit]

  • winner: Housepets! by Rick Griffin.

Also nominated were:

Best Anthropomorphic Magazine[edit]

  • winner: Fuzzy Logic podcast.

Also nominated were:

  • Flayrah.
  • Anthro Dreams.
  • Tales of the Tai-Pan Universe.
  • Allasso.

Best Anthropomorphic Published Illustration[edit]

  • winner: Rukis, cover of Green Fairy by Kyell Gold.

Also nominated were:

  • Beth Sabretoothed Ermine, cover of Winter Games by Kyell Gold.
  • Blotch, back cover of the MIDFur 2012 Convention book.
  • Kacey Miyagami, wrap around cover of Flight of the Star Phoenix by Bernard Doove.
  • Dark Natasha, cover of the MiDFur 2012 conbook.
  • Henrieke Goorhuis, cover of the EuroFurence XVIII Con Book.

Best Anthropomorphic Game[edit]

  • winner: The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim: Dawnguard.

Also nominated were:

  • Pokemon Black 2 and White 2.
  • Dust: An Elysian Tail.
  • World of Warcraft: Mists of Pandaria.
  • Nordguard: The Card Game.

Best Anthropomorphic Website[edit]

Also nominated were:


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