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The 2005 Ursa Major Awards ceremony was held at the The Radisson Suites Hotel in Huntsville, Alabama on Saturday, May 26, 2006, during Rocket City Fur Meet 2006.


[edit] Nominations

[edit] Best Anthropomorphic Motion Picture

  • The Chronicles of Narnia: The Lion, The Witch and the Wardrobe (Walt Disney Pictures and Walden Media; distributed by Walt Disney Pictures, December 7)
  • The Cat Returns [English-language release] (Studio Ghibli; distributed by Buena Vista Home Entertainment, February 2)
  • Chicken Little (Walt Disney Pictures; distributed by Buena Vista Pictures, November 4)
  • Madagascar (Pacific Data Images & DreamWorks Animation; distributed by DreamWorks SKG, May 27)
  • Wallace & Gromit: The Curse of the Were-Rabbit (Aardman Animations Ltd, distributed by DreamWorks Distribution LLC, September 4)

[edit] Best Anthropomorphic Dramatic Series

  • Cake Dance a.k.a. "There She Is!! Step 2" [Music video of the song "Happy Birthday to Me" by Bulldog Mansion] (SamBakZa, March)
  • American Dragon: Jake Long (Walt Disney Television Animation for Disney Channel; episodes #1 [January 21] to #19 [December 15])
  • Camp Lazlo (Cartoon Network; Episodes July 28 t0 November 25)
  • Krypto The Superdog (Warner Brothers Animation for Cartoon Network; episodes #1 [April 4] to #52 [December 5])

[edit] Best Anthropomorphic Novel

  • Volle by Kyell Gold. (Sofawolf Press, January)
  • New Coyote, by Michael Bergey. (Five Star Books, August)
  • Black Iron by Ted MacKinnon. (Sofawolf Press, July)
  • Lineaments of Coming Night, by Charles Matthias. (The Matthias Zone website, October)
  • Tails of the City, by R. S. Pylman. (Lulu.com, November)

[edit] Best Anthropomorphic Short Fiction

  • "In His Own Country" by Kristin Fontaine (in Tales of the Tai-Pan Universe, #39, July)
  • "Anyone for Venison?", by M. Mitchell Marmel and E.O. Costello. (Spontoon Island, June)
  • "Chasing the Lady", by Mark Allen Davis (in Tales of the Tai-Pan Universe, #38, June)
  • "Contrition: It's Not Just For Breakfast Anymore", by M. Mitchell Marmel. (Spontoon Island, September)
  • "Let's Not Duello on the Subject", by M. Mitchell Marmel and E.O. Costello. (Spontoon Island, December 3)
  • "Meet Jane Doe", by E.O. Costello. (Spontoon Island, March)
  • "Morning Head", by E.O. Costello. (Spontoon Island, March)

[edit] Best Anthropomorphic Other Literary Work

  • Tales of the Questor, Volume 1 [color edition], by Ralph E. Hayes, Jr. (Lulu.com, April; comic strip collection)
  • Sythry's Journal, by Bard Bloom. (Live Journal, entries (January 1 {Seeks-Leather-Skillets [22 Thory 4261]} to December 28 {No Party For Me [3 Consimbs 4261]}); fictional blog)
  • Why Coyotes Howl, by Watts Martin. (Sofawolf Press, January; short story collection)
  • Dragons of Forest Keep, by Peter Ping (Internet; serial)
  • Digger (volume 1), by Ursula Vernon. (Sofawolf Press, July; comic strip collection)

[edit] Best Anthropomorphic Comic Book

  • Usagi Yojimbo by Stan Sakai. (Dark Horse, monthly issues from January to December)
  • Lions, Tigers, and Bears, written by Mike Bullock, drawn by Jack Lawrence. (Image Comics, volume 1, July)
  • Zed #6, by Michel Gagné. (Gagné International Press, June)

[edit] Best Anthropomorphic Comic Strip

  • Faux Pas by Robert & Margaret Carspecken. (Internet strips from #535 to #672)
  • The Adventures of Fifine, by Henbe (Normand Bilodeau). (Internet strips from #114 [January 9] to #156 [December 28])
  • Freefall, by Mark Stanley. (Internet strips from January 3 [#1054] to December 30)
  • Ozy and Millie, by David Craig Simpson. (Internet strips from January 3 to December 23)
  • Tales of the Questor, by Ralph E. Hayes, Jr. (Internet strips from #184 [January 2] to [December 31])
  • VG Cats by Scott Ramsoomair. (Internet, #137 [January] to #181 [December 26])

[edit] Best Anthropomorphic Fanzine

  • South Fur Lands (2004 issues from #35 [March], to #37 [December])
  • Fang (2005 issues, volumes 1G, 2FG, 3SF, H05)
  • Heat. (Issue #3, July)
  • Spontoon Island. (2005 updates, from January, to December)
  • Tales of the Tai-Pan Universe. (2005 issues, from #38 [June], to #40 [November])

[edit] Best Anthropomorphic Published Illustration

  • Cover painting by Stephanie Stone (Cybercat) for Transformations: A Forest Tales Story, by Bernard Doove. (Fauxpaw Publications, June)
  • Cummings, Barb. Splash page for the story "Money for Nothing", by Kathy R. Coleman on page 2 of Tales of the Tai-Pan Universe #40. (in Tales of the Tai-Pan Universe #40, November)
  • Palmer, Sara. Cover painting for Volle, by Kyell Gold. (Sofawolf Press, January)
  • Rigdon, Sky. Front cover of Tales of the Tai-Pan Universe, #39 (Tales of the Tai-Pan Universe, #39, July)
  • Stawicki, Matt. Cover painting for Haydn of Mars, by Al Sarrantonio. (Ace Books, January)

[edit] Best Anthropomorphic Game

  • Sly 3: Honor Among Thieves (Developer: Sucker Punch, Publisher: Sony Computer, September 26)
  • Darkstalkers Chronicle: The Chaos Tower (Developer:Capcom Production Studio 5, Publisher: Capcom, March 17)
  • The Legend of Kay (Developer: Neon Studios, Publisher: CapCom, March 4)
  • Star Fox Assault (Developer: Namco/Nintendo, Publisher: Nintendo, February 14)

[edit] References

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