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13foxywolf666 is a furry artist who lives in the United States.[1]


[edit] Roxie Rhat

Roxie's character, Roxie Rhat, is a harlot rat who resembles Roxie Hart from the musical Chicago and Zira from Simba's Pride. She appears in 13foxywolf666's Roxie's Song, a song that resembles Zira's Lullaby. Her plan was the same as Professor Ratigan's; to overthrow the Queen of the Mice and become Queen herself.

[edit] Artwork

Much of Roxie's artwork involves Professor Ratigan and Basil from Basil of Baker Street, as well as her own character. Some of these illustrations contain pornography, violence and profanity.

Foxy often draws fanart for a wide and vast variety of fandoms, including The Hunger Games, Disney movies, Osmosis Jones, and others.

[edit] References

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