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The art style is distinctively Japanese

Ōkami is a video game originally released for the PlayStation 2 in 2006, and was released on the Wii early 2008. It was later remastered, and re released in 2017 on Playstation 4,Xbox one, and on Steam. Players take on the role of Amaterasu Ōkami, the Shinto goddess of the sun, who has taken on the form of a white wolf in order to dispatch an ancient demon known as Orochi.

A sequel title, Ōkamiden: Chiisaki Taiyō, simply called Ōkamiden internationally, was released for the Nintendo DS in September 2010 (in Japan) and March 2011 (globally). The protagonist of Ōkamiden is Amaterasu's son, a wolf pup named Chibiterasu.

Playing as Amaterasu[edit]

As a wolf, Amaterasu has the ability to channel her powers through drawing, which is a key gameplay element. By holding down the R1 button (B-button on the Wii version), the game screen becomes a sheet of parchment. This can then be drawn on to invoke her powers. These powers include summoning the sun, controlling the direction of the wind, creating fire, and many more. In battle, Amaterasu can invoke these powers along with access to her Divine Instruments: Glaives, Mirrors, and Rosary Beads

Ōkami Amaterasu: Sun goddess in the form of a white wolf.


As well as receiving critical acclaim (the game has a Metacritic score of 93), Ōkami also won the 2006 Ursa Major Award for best video game. In addition, Ōkamiden was awarded the Ursa Major Award for Best Game for 2011.


  • This game is very heavily influenced by and parodies Shinto folklore.
  • The word Ōkami is a pun: ōkami means wolf, but the context and the kanji used in the Japanese title have the meaning "great deity/god".

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