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ČeSFuR 2011 design by Olven.
ČeSFuR (edit)
ČeSFuR 1 (2005)
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ČeSFuR staff
ČeSFuR guests of honor

ČeSFuR is a furry convention in the Czech Republic that offers indoor and outdoor activities. The spelling is a reference to the name of the country from 1990 to 1993: ČSFR (Česká a Slovenská Federativní Republika = Czech and Slovak Federative Republic). Though many of the participants do not speak English, foreign attendees are welcome.

The first ČeSFuR took place from 25 to 28 March 2005 in Březová nad Svitavou in the Pardubice Region. There were 33 participants. This first annual event was organized by Xkun, with help from numerous others.

ČeSFuR 2013 was held from June 27 to 30, in hotel Luna in a village Kouty, Bohemian-Moravian Highlands region.

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