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§ñühw¤£f, also known as Snuhwolf, is comic strip creator and a user on alt.lifestyle.furry. Seemingly against the furry or lifestyle theme, §ñühw¤£f frequently posts U.S.-centric political essays; in fact, a majority of the posts to alt.lifestyle.furry are these political essays.[citation needed]

alt.lifestyle.furry thread count analysis[edit]

A count of alt.lifestyle.furry threads made between September 1, 2006 and October 1, 2006 finds 29 started by "§ñühw¤£f" or "Snuhwolf" (both have similar political content and title naming styles and are likely the same individual), and 23 total threads initiated by all other posters (including commercial bulk postings).

Assuming it is a typical month, this makes §ñühw¤£f the most prolific thread initator of the group (note that replies to threads are not counted; the majority of §ñühw¤£f's threads have no replies but threads by several other ALF posters do.)

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