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$00pah NiN10Doh! is a collaborative flash animation organised by Chris Niosi (aka, Kirbopher) that parodies various Nintendo computer games. It features some skits that may be of interest to the furry fandom.

Pokémon Snap XXX is a fictional video game that is advertised as an adult sequel to the 1999 Nintendo 64 game Pokémon Snap, featuring the main character, Todd Snap, taking photos of voluptuous female Pokémorph models. As the animation progresses, the characters tends to remove their already minimal clothing. This skit may be a reference to furry pornography, especially as an anonymous character in a dark room is seen to be watching the skit afterwards taping his keyboard in a panic while exclaiming about the lack of a pause feature.

There are also two skits featuring Fox McCloud; in the first he is found atop the Krazoa Palace trying to crawl under an imprisoned Krystal with the intent of getting a peek under her loincloth. In the second, he is in his ship, talking to various characters from the series on his communicator; at one point Tricky floats past the window holding a banner saying "I [heart] Fox", another potential reference to the furry fandom.

It was also a parody on the NES games Duck Hunt and Donkey Kong.


  • "Yeah, yeah! That's it baby! Sell it! Sell it like you sell Diamonds and Pearls!" - Todd Snapp
  • "Jacked my tank even! And I was all like, "Personally, I prefer your mom!"" - Falco Lombardi
  • "Hey, you wanna grab some dinner later?" ~ "NO!" - Amanda and Fox McCloud

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